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Hoop Jam Inspiration

hoop jam

Today I opened up one of Deanne Love‘s aka Hooplovers love letters, which I get every week, they’re filled with hooping goodness! (sign up here). In her email came a link to a Hoop Jam video which took place back in 2008 way before I ever discovered Hooping. This video left me mesmerized and totally inspired, so I was eager to share it with you! Continue reading Hoop Jam Inspiration

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Hoopy Happenings 2014 – Its a Wrap!

Hoopy Happenings 2014

I’m incredibly fortunate to have participated at this years Hoopy Happenings Event at Heathcote over the weekend – A workshop filled hooping event and jam packed, full of fun and good times set in the beautiful tranquil bush at Heathcoate Scout Camp. Continue reading Hoopy Happenings 2014 – Its a Wrap!

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Vertical Pop In Hoop Tutorial

This Vertical Hooping Tutorial focuses on how to pop in to the hoop and roll it across your back as you’ve placed it onto your chest. This move is so effective when moving into from a weave or just vertical hand hooping. In this move we place the hoop onto our chest whilst leaning forward and let the inside of the hula hoop roll over your back quickly in chest hooping vertically with our arms out of the hoop and from there we pull it off all in one motion. You will see how this move can be used as a way to move from vertical hand hooping into vertical chest hooping and back.  Vertical Hooping where always a challenge for me to get right. In this Hooping tutorial I’ve added some pointers that helped me get the Vertical Pop In right. I hope it helps you! 🙂

NEW to hula hooping? Learn all of the hula hooping foundations with my Hula Hooping Beginners Course which you can access all 41 lessons online or download anytime.

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The Hooping Chiropractor – Lower Back Excercise

Dr jeremy brook

The Chiropractic Hoopster

He is know as the “Chiropractic Hoopser” who is located in the US  – Dr. Jeremy Brook from “The Life Center” represents a lifestyle and a system of reality that offers individuals self-empowering perceptions about how to take responsibility for the quality of their health and the quality of their lives. Dr Jeremy Brook show us that hula hooping is an easy exercise to lubricate your spine and free up your LIFE energy flow. Continue reading The Hooping Chiropractor – Lower Back Excercise

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Hooping in India – by Paola Berton


I found myself gazing at this beautiful hoop dance video on YouTube this morning, Paola Berton is hooping in Arambol (Goa) after the Indian Juggling Convention 2014.  It is without a doubt that Paola was inspired by the community in Arambol as she spins her hoop in this gorgeous piece filled with speedy plane changes and shifts. Hope you enjoy it just as much as I did 🙂 Continue reading Hooping in India – by Paola Berton

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Foot Hooping Tutorial


Great Foot Hooping Tutorial by Caroleeena. This is a tutorial for hooping on the foot while reclining or in shoulder stand. It also includes two variations of roll overs and a piece of handwork. Note: If it feels impossible to move your leg back and forth, use your hands to help. It will build your muscle memory and you won’t need to use your hands for long. Continue reading Foot Hooping Tutorial

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World Hoop Day Sydney 2013

World Hoop Day 2013

World Hoop day is all about hooping for peace, its held on the first Saturday of October where we are all encouraged to get together and hoop to celebrate and appreciate this fun and life changing activity which brings so many people together and brings such big smiles to our faces! Continue reading World Hoop Day Sydney 2013