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A Collection of Inspiring Self-Esteem and Self-Love Quotes

Nothing is more important than a healthy sense of self-esteem and loving yourself. Throughout my hooping journey, I have found that I have gained a great deal of confidence in sharing hoop dance with others and complete strangers, the creative movement in hoop dance differs from hooper to hooper and it is vita that we find confidence and acceptance in our own hoop dance style, this in turn will allow us to let go of all inhibitions and just have a great time dancing in the hoop. In addition to this, I’d like to share with you a collection of the most inspiring and uplifting thoughts from the past 2400 years on getting to know yourself, raising your self-esteem and finding a self-love. Continue reading A Collection of Inspiring Self-Esteem and Self-Love Quotes

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How to break out of negative thinking

Positive Thinking

Hey hoopers! After a great weekend filled with leisure and fun, ending with a great little hoop dance session at the Shelly Beach Sunday Social Burn hosted by the wonderful Northern Beaches Fire Twirlers Group – It’s the regular case of the Monday’s today. Back to the routine, not much time for play leaves me counting down for the weekend again. Ok, so enough of my first world problem winge! Continue reading How to break out of negative thinking

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The Hooping Chiropractor – Lower Back Excercise

Dr jeremy brook

The Chiropractic Hoopster

He is know as the “Chiropractic Hoopser” who is located in the US  – Dr. Jeremy Brook from “The Life Center” represents a lifestyle and a system of reality that offers individuals self-empowering perceptions about how to take responsibility for the quality of their health and the quality of their lives. Dr Jeremy Brook show us that hula hooping is an easy exercise to lubricate your spine and free up your LIFE energy flow. Continue reading The Hooping Chiropractor – Lower Back Excercise

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Lettuce Wraps – Alternative to Wraps and Gluten free breads


Lettuce Wraps are a great alternative to wraps or gluten free breads. If you’re not much of a veggie eater, you might be thinking.. ‘How boring! Where’s the flavour!?”. When you are using a crispy lettuce leaf to hold tasty meats, it doesn’t detract from the tastes of the food inside. It’s cheap and easy to prepare and the crispy texture makes it a winner.

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5 Minute Foot Massage Enjoyed After a Hoop Dance Session

Little steps can make a big difference, learning to hoop dance takes time and practice, not to mention the great workout you get by practicing, I find chasing the hoop when it has a mind of its own is a work out in itself!  So I believe every week, 5-minute hoop foot massage to support healthy hooping feet is key. Continue reading 5 Minute Foot Massage Enjoyed After a Hoop Dance Session

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Unhappy Peoples 7 Common Habits

overcoming depression

Circumstances can certainly make life unhappy. But a part – often a big part – of unhappiness comes from our own thinking, behavior and habits. Here are 7 of the most destructive daily habits that can create quite a bit of unhappiness within and in your own little world. Continue reading Unhappy Peoples 7 Common Habits