Learn to Hula Hoop Dance

 Learn To Hula Hoop Dance! Hula hooping is a fun way to exercise.
Experience health and happiness inside the hoop.

My entire hula hooping classes online will have you hooping around your waist, hips, chest, shoulders, knees and feet in no time!

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Hula hooping increases your fitness

Why learn to hula hoop? Hula hooping increases your endurance and general fitness level. Hula hooping and adding an element of dance provides additional body conditioning. My hula hooping classes online will give you a great deal of joy and fun whilst moving with your hoop.

hula hooping course online

Hula hooping helps your Concentration & Relaxation

Learning to hula hoop and learn hooping tricks requires concentation and practicing your concentration in this way can be beneficial in other areas of your life as well.

The repetitive motion can be soothing, hula hooping can even be used as a meditative tool. Just as the hula hoop can work the muscles it can help increase mental discipline as well.

learn to hula hoop online

Hula hooping promotes emotional well being

Learning to hula hoop is fun, and it makes exercising less of a chore. To be able to do something fun and see the improvements to your body can liven your spirit and raise your confidence. You are guaranteed to feel great as you experience my hula hooping classes online, View the entire hula hooping course curriculum here

hula hooping online course

Hula Hooping helps balance and coordination

Learn to hula hoop by learning to maintain a stable balance in posture whilst incorporating flexibility in your motions at the same time helps build coordination.

Not feeling quite ready to join my learn to hula hoop classes yet?

If you’re curious and want to try a few hoop moves before diving in, have a look at some of my free hula hooping tutorials.
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Christie Lewis
Christie Lewis
Thank you so much. My gorgeous beginner hoop arrived in record time. I absolutely love it! I've started working my way through the online course and am loving the easy-to-follow instruction and relaxed, no-pressure vibe. In my head, I am already picking out the colours of my next hoop (why just have one?).
Joanna Lesley
Joanna Lesley
If you’re wondering whether to buy a hula hoop from Maria then take my advice and DO IT!! Maria is a total sweetheart and her hoops are a work of art. I adore mine, I want ten more. It’s sparkly and pretty and sturdy and light and you definitely should purchase your hoop from her.