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Hoop Jam Inspiration

hoop jam

Today I opened up one of Deanne Love‘s aka Hooplovers love letters, which I get every week, they’re filled with hooping goodness! (sign up here). In her email came a link to a Hoop Jam video which took place back in 2008 way before I ever discovered Hooping. This video left me mesmerized and totally inspired, so I was eager to share it with you!

Both Hooping divas, Bunny Star of Hoop Empire and Deanne Love who are both amazing performers and teachers are featured in this video whirling in blissful Hoop Dance. This video demonstrates just how much joy can be found in the hoop, especially in an environment where other fellow Hoopers are also shinning bright in their hoop dance.

This Hoop Jam video will surely inspire you to grab your hoops and get lost in the spin of the beautiful Hoop Dance that we all love!