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Palm Spin Hula Hoop Tutorial

palm spin hula hoop tutorial

This hula hoop trick makes a great way to create the illusion the hoop is spinning around your hand. It is a great hoop move to transition into on body hooping or off body hooping as you are able to move straight into vertical or horizontal plane.  I recommend practicing in balancing the hoop on your palm along with taking these steps to performing the palm spin. Here we go from vertical hand hooping straight onto an open palm spin. You can purchase dance hoops here handmade by myself.

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Hoop Jam Inspiration

hoop jam

Today I opened up one of Deanne Love‘s aka Hooplovers love letters, which I get every week, they’re filled with hooping goodness! (sign up here). In her email came a link to a Hoop Jam video which took place back in 2008 way before I ever discovered Hooping. This video left me mesmerized and totally inspired, so I was eager to share it with you! Continue reading Hoop Jam Inspiration

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Hooping in the Wind with Audrey Scherer


Audrey Scherer chats to us from the Siesta Beach Drum Circle in Sarasota about hooping in windy conditions. Audrey runs hoopingLIVE – Mondays at 9pm USA Eastern time. HoopingLIVE is all about Hoop teaching, dancing, creating, & loving. Continue reading Hooping in the Wind with Audrey Scherer

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Sunset Hooping In Venezia Italy


I love this hoop dance video because in it, tanzendefeder dances with the hoop with such an effortless flow which suits the chilled out atmosphere of this gorgeous sunset during a holiday in Venezia, Italy. Music is “Song For The Crickets”  by Parov Stelar. Hope this inspires you as much as it inspires me 🙂 Continue reading Sunset Hooping In Venezia Italy

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Hooping in India – by Paola Berton


I found myself gazing at this beautiful hoop dance video on YouTube this morning, Paola Berton is hooping in Arambol (Goa) after the Indian Juggling Convention 2014.  It is without a doubt that Paola was inspired by the community in Arambol as she spins her hoop in this gorgeous piece filled with speedy plane changes and shifts. Hope you enjoy it just as much as I did 🙂 Continue reading Hooping in India – by Paola Berton

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Hooping on Standup Paddle Board


This amazing video features Jessica Hunter hooping on her stand up paddle board. There are a few Stand up paddle hooping videos out on YouTube but this one wows us with jump throughs and other tricks which would be extremely hard to keep your balance on a SUP! Continue reading Hooping on Standup Paddle Board

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Corrie Novak shares with Hoopnotica her love for hula hoops

This inspiring clip ignites my passion for hula hooping! Corrie Novak expresses her love of hula hoops and the satisfaction she gets from hooping which we can all relate to. Corrie is Hoopnotica’s Featured Hooper, she recently picked up her life and moved across the US all the way to LA. Why? “I wanted to live in a place where I could hoop all year long.” Continue reading Corrie Novak shares with Hoopnotica her love for hula hoops

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Hoop Tutorial – Burlesque Bow by Live Love Hoop

This is a cute, fun hoop dance move which adds a little sass into your hoop dance practice 🙂 Its simple but very effective hula hoop move. Presenting the “Burlesque Bow” by Jo Mondy of Live Love Hoop! Have fun with this one! 🙂 Continue reading Hoop Tutorial – Burlesque Bow by Live Love Hoop

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Moon Forest Hooping by Aleira Moon

This is such an absorbing video! Aleira Moon enchants us with this amazing hoop dance performance in the forest. Filmed beautifully in a forest Aleira hula hoops with a gorgeous colour-shifting hoop which shines some beautiful metalic colours.  Enjoy being taken away into forest hoop land, enjoy! 🙂