Choosing the right hoop for you

Hooray on deciding to learn to hula hoop. Hooping has been the most rewarding activity for me and i have really enjoyed the benefits of hula hooping immensely. Along the way you will switch from beginner dance hula hoops through to poly pro hoops. Each hula hoop may feel different and you may feel more comfortable using a specific hoop for a specific trick or hula hoop dance move.

It’s best that before ordering you pick a hoop size based on your ability. See Hula hoop profile and your body size below. We make hula hoops for adults and kids  for sale all made in NSW, Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Australia.

A simple fact that will take you far If you are interested in a good workout, keep in mind that the lighter in weight the hoop is, the more calories you will burn, because you will need to work harder to keep the hoop up in revolution.

Hula Hoops Sizing

    • Dance Hula Hoops: My dance hula hoops are 95cm in diameter, 20mm thick and weigh 300 grams
    • Fitness Hula Hoops: My fitness hula hoops are 100cm in diameter, 25mm thick and weigh 500 grams
    • Travel Hula Hoops: My Travel Hula Hoops are 95cm in diameter with all 6 pieces connected together and 83cm with 5 pieces connected
    • Intermediate OR Kids Dance Hula Hoops: My kids or intermediate hula hoops are 85cm in diameter, 20mm thick and weigh 210 grams – perfect for kids 6 years and under
    • Twin Hula Hoop Packs: My twin hula hoop packs consist of 2x 85cm diameter hoops, 20mm thick and weigh 210 grams each
    • Mini Hula Hoops: My Mini Hula Hoops Packs consist of 2x 76cm hoops, 20mm thick and weigh 150 grams. Mini size is suitable for kids under 6 yrs of age.

the right hula hoop size for you

New to Hula Hooping / Hula Hoop Dance?

If you are new to hula hooping it is preferable to start off with a 95cm Dance Hula Hoop, however if you are experiencing extreme difficulty in keeping the hoop in orbit you are best to start off with the 100cm fitness hula hoop, the larger the diameter . The more that you practice, the better you will get at it, each time.

The rule is: Lighter and smaller the hoop = lighter and faster. Thicker and/or larger = heavier and slower.

Ready to move into more advanced Hula Hooping?

Once you become more experienced and have mastered keeping your hula hoop up in orbit around your waist and hips with ease and control, its time to upgrade to a medium size hoop which is ideal for learning off-body hooping techniques. Off-body hooping is the practice of manipulating the hoop with your hands, arms, and elbows, lifting it off your body in circular momentum.

Consider your Hula Hoop profile:

Review the hoop profile and body size information below. Never hooped before? Don’t panic, It really is simple, just keep reading, it will only take a few minutes to learn to speak our language.

  • Absolute beginner; never hula hooped before AT ALL 95cm Dance Hula Hoop
  • Overweight : If you are overweight and are looking at hula hooping for weight loss 100cm Fitness Hula Hoop
  • Beginner; never hooped with anything other than a 1958 Wham-O Hula-Hoop® 95cm Dance Hula Hoop
  • Intermediate; you have no problem hooping around your waist and keeping it up, you can turn around while hooping, dance a little, and you have experimented with just a few fun tricks. 95cm Dance Hula Hoop
  • Expert; you steal the show people watch you with their mouth open! 85cm Dance Hula Hoop
  • Children’s Hula Hoop; Smaller diameter hula hoops are suitable for children 85cm Dance Hula Hoop

Now that you’ve determined what hula hoop profile you are and what hoop size you’ll need, its time to choose your new hula hoop,  and start having loads of fun by hooping into health and well being!

Fitness Hula Hooping

Fitness are slightly heavier and thicker than Dance Hoops, weighing 500gms and 25mm thickness. These hoops are designed for on-body hooping and some basic off-body hooping. Check out our Fitness Hula Hoops

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