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The Hooping Chiropractor – Lower Back Excercise

Dr jeremy brook

The Chiropractic Hoopster

He is know as the “Chiropractic Hoopser” who is located in the US  – Dr. Jeremy Brook from “The Life Center” represents a lifestyle and a system of reality that offers individuals self-empowering perceptions about how to take responsibility for the quality of their health and the quality of their lives. Dr Jeremy Brook show us that hula hooping is an easy exercise to lubricate your spine and free up your LIFE energy flow.

Dr jeremy brook

If you’ve suffered with lower back pain, sciatica or just lowered mobility in your lower back there is no better way, or funner way, to get relief than “with the hoop”.

In this video Dr Jeremy Brook uses the front and back push technique which works well when you have one foot in front of the other making sure you switch legs frequently, however some may find it more comfortable to push side to side while your feet are parallel. Whichever technique you choose or feel most comfortable, make sure that you hoop in both directions to optimize spinal balance, build abdominal and back muscle equally, improve balance and create new neural pathways between the right brain and the left brain.

Watch the Chiropractic Hoopster’s video