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Hoop Jam Inspiration

hoop jam

Today I opened up one of Deanne Love‘s aka Hooplovers love letters, which I get every week, they’re filled with hooping goodness! (sign up here). In her email came a link to a Hoop Jam video which took place back in 2008 way before I ever discovered Hooping. This video left me mesmerized and totally inspired, so I was eager to share it with you! Continue reading Hoop Jam Inspiration

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Sunset Hooping In Venezia Italy


I love this hoop dance video because in it, tanzendefeder dances with the hoop with such an effortless flow which suits the chilled out atmosphere of this gorgeous sunset during a holiday in Venezia, Italy. Music is “Song For The Crickets”  by Parov Stelar. Hope this inspires you as much as it inspires me 🙂 Continue reading Sunset Hooping In Venezia Italy

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Foot Hooping Tutorial


Great Foot Hooping Tutorial by Caroleeena. This is a tutorial for hooping on the foot while reclining or in shoulder stand. It also includes two variations of roll overs and a piece of handwork. Note: If it feels impossible to move your leg back and forth, use your hands to help. It will build your muscle memory and you won’t need to use your hands for long. Continue reading Foot Hooping Tutorial

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World Hoop Day Sydney 2013

World Hoop Day 2013

World Hoop day is all about hooping for peace, its held on the first Saturday of October where we are all encouraged to get together and hoop to celebrate and appreciate this fun and life changing activity which brings so many people together and brings such big smiles to our faces! Continue reading World Hoop Day Sydney 2013

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Hula Hooping Playtime!

Robyn of HoopBloom shares her hoopy playtime to help inspire you to find your own joy through movement, and to remind you how amazing you are!  This is a beautiful, positive video. Hope you enjoy!
Music: “Mixed by Denzal Park, Nervo, Yolanda Be Cool-Two Dots” Continue reading Hula Hooping Playtime!