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Do We All Hoop the Same? The Kinetics of Hula Hooping


Studies from Sensorimotor Neuroscience Laboratory at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada show for the first time that hoopers utilize slightly different methods of invoking and sustaining our hula hooping oscillations. This means that all of us hula hoop just a little differently. View the study white paper here Continue reading Do We All Hoop the Same? The Kinetics of Hula Hooping

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Blueberry Cucumber Smoothie Recipe

Enjoy this very quick smoothie recipe whenever you feel pressed by time and when a home cooked meal is just out of the question. This way, smoothies can be a great way to prevent you from slipping away from your good habits by allowing you to bring something with you to work or at school without having to prepare anything fancy. Continue reading Blueberry Cucumber Smoothie Recipe

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How to Not Make a Mountain Out of a Molehil

One of the very best ways that I have found to make daily life easier, lighter, more positive and less stressful is to learn how to not make mountains out of molehills.

To learn how to not add extra drama or overanalyze or overthink things. To not
create problems where there are none or there are simply very small issues you
can fix. Continue reading How to Not Make a Mountain Out of a Molehil

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Fithoop Perfect Mother’s Day Present


Looking for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day? Put a smile on your Mum’s face
with a fithoop, the newest fitness tool taking Australia by storm. Available in
1.2 and 1.5kg sizes, fithoop is the original weighted hula hoop, designed to
burn up to 100 calories in 10 minutes! Continue reading Fithoop Perfect Mother’s Day Present

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60 Years Young and Hooping!

Carol Becker of Fitness Hooping has her town in the US, Montpelier, Vermont, spinning it up hooping style ¨and she’s in her 60’s! Go Carol! WCAX in the US caught Becker’s enthusiasm in a recent television interview. A physical therapist by day and a hooper by night, Carol teaches hooping and uses it as a low impact, full bodyworkout. Continue reading 60 Years Young and Hooping!

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Cold Weather Hula Hooping

autumn hula hooping australia

The change of seasons are so refreshing, after a long summer, its nice to feel the brisk fresh air of Autumn.  I love the smell of fires being lit as you walk the streets, cold ears and noses, scarves and gloves. As it gets colder outside, if you’re a hooper who loves to hula hoop outdoors, you might be finding yourself wondering, “Where in the hell am I supposed to hoop now?” Continue reading Cold Weather Hula Hooping

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Kelly Osbourne Lost Weight Hula Hooping


Kelly Osbourne joins the list of celebrities who are spinning up hooping for health and weight loss. The Daily Mail reports Osbourne has been slender for awhile now, but seems to be losing even more inches to her small frame thanks to the hoop. Osbourne recently tweeted, “I’m all about Hula-hooping right now! 5mins in the morning 5 mins at night… in 5 days I lost 2 inches from my waistline!” Continue reading Kelly Osbourne Lost Weight Hula Hooping

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Can You Hula Hoop During Pregnancy?

If hooping feels good and brings you relaxation during pregnancy, then by all means, hula hoop it up! Keep in mind that every day is different during pregnancy and you must listen to your body whilst hula hooping. Before hula hooping during pregnancy you should  “consult your doctor”. Continue reading Can You Hula Hoop During Pregnancy?

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Healing Art of Hula Hooping


Hula Hooping makes our bodies feel great. We know it instantly when we pick up our first hoola-hoop as a kid, and when we rediscover hooping with large handcrafted hoops as an adult. Spinning the hula hoop around our body and dancing with the hoop to music is fun, sensual, blissful, and creative. Hooping invokes laughter and smiles, and it improves health. Continue reading Healing Art of Hula Hooping

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One Simple Question That Will Help You to Stop Procrastinating


Today I’d like to share one thing that has been really helpful in the last few years through out my hoop dancing training to keep my procrastination to a minimum. I’m sure most of us hoop dance lovers face stages where we procrastinate  hoop dance practice, training or learning a new trick. Continue reading One Simple Question That Will Help You to Stop Procrastinating