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One Simple Question That Will Help You to Stop Procrastinating


Today I’d like to share one thing that has been really helpful in the last few years through out my hoop dancing training to keep my procrastination to a minimum. I’m sure most of us hoop dance lovers face stages where we procrastinate  hoop dance practice, training or learning a new trick.

But first, why do we procrastinate?

One very common reason is that the to-do list of hoop dance tricks to learn or hoop dance routines to learn is endless. You take one look at it and feel an itch inside of you to just leave it til next week, or you may feel a particular hoop dance move is too complicated for you to learn or master . And so you procrastinate because you can’t even see yourself learning fancy tricks or get beyond your present ability.

To overcome this issue you have to limit your list of hoop dance tricks / moves.

Make it really short and just focus on learning one day at a time, step by step patiently and you’ll reduce those urges to procrastinate a whole lot.

So how do you reduce and unclutter your “hoop dance to-learn” list to just the most important tricks or moves?

I usually ask myself this question:

What moves or tricks would I work on if I only had 2 hours for practice today?

I have found that this question quickly helps me to be selective with how I use my
limited energy and time. My focus narrows to what is just truly important in the
long run for me.

After I have asked myself this question I get started with working on the most
important one of those tricks to me.

Try it for yourself and see how it can make your hoop dance practice simpler and more productive too.

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