Learn to Hula Hoop Dance Hula Hooping for Beginners

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Learn to Hula Hoop Dance with over 41 Lessons totaling over 8 hrs which you can access anywhere any time – Download or stream, its yours forever.

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Reduce stress, experience more joy and increase your physical fitness through this beautiful and freely accessible movement. You will learn to hula hoop around your waist, hips, chest, shoulders, knees and feet in no time. My Hula hooping for beginners classes covers a collection of hoop dance moves and beginner foundations, it is an excellent place to start your hoop dance practice and offers advanced techniques for each move to help you grow. I cover the necessary techniques with you combining on body and off body moves which you will get you sweating, dancing and having fun whilst exercising.


VIEW hooping for beginners course listed lessons

Learn to hula hoop dance

with this course which contains 6 modules and 41 lessons covering the absolute beginner foundations of hula hooping and hoop dance. My classes contain the necessary hula hooping classes to give you the skills to kick start your hooping journey. By the end of this beginner hooping course you will have learnt how to hula hoop around your waist with full confidence and control. You will learn how to stand correctly whilst hula hooping to allow maximum posture and support. You will learn to save when it falls and more importantly sustain relaxed movements while practicing a full body workout with your dance hoop.

Together with a large range of on-body hoop moves as well as loads of off body hoop dance moves, at the end of the modules we celebrate by combining the hoop moves together into a hoop dance flow session.

As you work through these hoop dance classes with me one by one, I want you to be aware that practice is key to learning hooping so make sure to be patient with yourself and more importantly relax and have fun with it. Hooping is about moving freely with your hoop and bringing play into your daily practice so leave any self criticisms behind and lets learn to hoop dance.

chest hula hooping trick

Chest Roll Hula Hoop Across The Chest Hula Hoop Tricks

Throwing in a chest roll hula hooping trick when practicing hoop dance adds some real sparks to your hoop dance practice. This chest roll in hula hooping teaches us balance as well as aligning our body in a central and balanced stance whilst doing the chest roll. Our wrist control here is key and as […]

coin flip hula hoop trick

Coin flip the hoop and reverse it – Hula hooping trick

Lets learn to reverse a coin flip. You can get into a reverse coin flip from vertically hand hooping, its a fun move to learn and add into your hoop dance practice. I break to move into 3 steps to make it easier to understand. Hope it helps 🙂 NEW to hula hooping? Learn all […]

knee hula hooping to waist tutorial

Knee up onto Waist Hula Hooping Trick

Learn how to bring the hula hoop up from your knees up to your waist. PER-REQUISITE: You will have already learnt how to knee hoop and maintain the hula hoop on your knees. This lesson is one of my lessons picked from my Knee Hooping Module in my Beginners Hula Hooping Course which covers all […]

sky vertical chest hula hooping

Sky Vertical Chest Hooping

This lesson is featured in my Beginners Hula Hooping Course which in the vertical chest and shoulder hooping module we cover lessons in earth vertical chest hooping, sky vertical chest hooping as well as alternating arms as we perform these moves. This lesson teaches you in detail how to keep the hoop in orbit in […]


Continuous K Roll Hula Hooping Tutorial

In this hula hoop lesson, I explain how to do a continuous k roll which is also known as the continuous vertical chest roll. I love adding this hoop trick into my hoop dance flow because it adds a funky illusion that the hoop is rolling down my chest from my hands up above down […]

palm spin hula hoop tutorial

Palm Spin Hula Hoop Tutorial

This hula hoop trick makes a great way to create the illusion the hoop is spinning around your hand. It is a great hoop move to transition into on body hooping or off body hooping as you are able to move straight into vertical or horizontal plane.  I recommend practicing in balancing the hoop on […]

elbow hula hooping alternating arms

Elbow Hooping Tutorial with Twins Alternating Arms Hula Hoop Trick

Elbow hooping and Elbow Twin Hooping can be pretty tricky as the distance between our elbows and shoulders is short which leaves little room for error. With enough patience and practice, This Elbow Twin Hooping move can become a fun way to mix up your hoop dance practice. I’m using 85cm ultra light PolyPro Hoop, […]

back roll across the back hula hoop trick

Back Roll Hooping Tutorial – From Front Plane

Body rolls can be challenging to learn, it took me loads of practice and patience in perfecting. In this hooping tutorial I demonstrate and give you some pointers on how to do the Back Roll from front plane, the Back Roll can also be done from the back plane rolling the hoop with your palms […]


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I can’t begin to thank you enough! I began your online classes 2 months ago and your course was great. I love the way you explained each movement and it helped me learn very quickly. Thanks again I’m happy to recommend these classes!

    • maria mitchell (verified owner)

      I appreciate your feedback Jess 🙂 glad my course helped you xx

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Emily Al

    So happy to have found you! I loved all of your classes because you explained things in such detail that I hardly had trouble learning the tricks that I thought I couldn’t do! Very grateful 👏

    • maria mitchell (verified owner)

      You are too sweet Emily, thank you for your appreciation, glad you enjoyed the course xx

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