Waist Hula Hooping and Hand Hooping

Lesson 1 – Waist & Hip Hooping

Length: 44 minutes

waist hula hooping class

Lesson 1 of my Beginners hula hooping course consists of the fundamentals of hooping which is mastering and maintaining to hoop on your waist as well as learning full control of the hula hoop using both hands in horizontal and vertical planes

Waist Reversal to Off Body

Length: 10 minutes

waist reversal to off body hula hooping lessons

In Lesson 2 we will learn how to maintain our dance hula hoop over our head in a 'lasso' movement which will get us ready to lift the hoop over our head from the front of our waist lifting the hoop up over our head, then back down onto our waist again. Once we have practiced this move we will move into lifting the hoop from the back of our waist up over our head into Lasso and then back down onto our waist. These transitions can be challenging at first but i can guarantee that with some practice you will be mastering them in no time. The Vortex is a striking move which requires repetitive movements. In this lesson we will learn practice drills which will have us mastering the Vortex. At the end of this lesson we will put some moves from lesson one into these moves in lesson 2. This is a super fun course so grab your smart device, find a nice space and more importantly your hoop and have fun with lesson 2 of my beginner hula hoop dance course.

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