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 buy hula hoops in australiaHula Hoops to buy in Australia

 dance hula hoops for hooping and hoop danceHand crafted hula hoops Australia for adults. Large range of all different colours and combinations of sparkle and glee 🙂

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Based in Warriewood on Sydney’s Northern Beaches – Hula Hoops Australia

Hooping Vs Hula Hooping

Hooping is way more fun than the hula hooping you remember as a child, because the bigger and heavier the hoop, the slower it rotates around your body. This means that even if you think you can’t hoop, with one of these hula hoops, you can! Everybody can hoop, regardless of age, size, or sense of rhythm. When you’re using a customized hula hoop that’s four feet in diameter, the rotation is slow enough that even clumsy amateurs can keep the hula hoop going — and it’s not too hard to get into dancing and even doing tricks.

Hooping also just feels good. Another advantage of a bigger heavier hula hoop is that as it circles your waist, it gives you a solid massage. Your intestines and organs get a firm rythmic rubbing. It feels great! Some claim that hooping has other energetic benefits as well, but I can only speak for myself: I find hooping quite meditative, and perhaps more importantly, hooping makes me smile. Playing with a hula hoop works up a nice sweat, and like any cardiovascular exercise, it can hit the reset button on a bad mood. It’s simply a lot of fun; and I’m a firm believer that fun is healthy!

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6 thoughts on “Hula Hoops Australia to Buy

  1. Thanks! I’ve been looking at buying my first hoop and noticed there aren’t many hoop shops here in Australia. I’ve jotted this one down on my ‘things to buy’ list!

    1. I bought mine from My GP recommended because she is using one and very happy 🙂
      I love it! 😉

  2. Any in WA?

    1. I don’t think there are any other hoop stores apart from Queensland and VIC??

    2. Hello, Nicole. I know it sounds funny (I am a funny guy ;)), But I’ve found this site and bought 1 hoop for myself. I am pretty fit, but couldn’t get read of the stomach. Never Hula hooped in my life. The girl on the phone was very friendly and I decided to give it a go. No regrets 🙂

  3. By the way, Coola Hoops send their hoops to W.A. and all over Australia.

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